Applied Informatics

Digital Tools for Archaeology and Bioarchaeology

Archaeological and bioarchaeological sciences have embarked on a path of development that is now indelibly linked to, and dependent upon, applied modern technologies. It is unthinkable to conceive a research project that does not support informatics or an excavation that does not extensively use electronic or computerized surveys. Nowadays, stratigraphic excavation must employ a GIS linked to a geodatabase, or surveys carried out with precision electronic instruments. Similarly, no anthropological laboratory can acquire data without the support of an electronic archive, and no institution can disclose its research without relying on the Web. All of these tools are taken for granted, but only few professionals are able to use them skillfully and even fewer can develop them from scratch. Indeed, methodological issues have often hindered such an approach to the discipline, and most archaeology college students complete their training without possessing even basic skills in applied technologies.

IRLAB is very committed to disclose these sciences and make them available to archaeological sciences.


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